The coil is packaged in a non-stretch polyethylene bag contained inside a corrugated cardboard carton.
Standard packaging carton size by facility is as follows:


Charlotte, NC Reno, NV
Cotton 18 or 22 lbs/case
Rayon 18 or 22 lbs/case
Polyester 18 or 22 lbs/case
Cotton 20 lbs/case
Rayon 20 lbs/case
Polyester 17 lbs/case

Gamma Irradiated Cotton:

Protect Your Products
Whether tablets, capsules or gel capsules, your products are stabilized and freshness is maintained during storage and shipping.

The cotton coil is processed through a gamma irradiation process which is guaranteed to leave a total aerobic count in the coil of less than 100 cfu/gram. The cotton coil cannot be claimed as sterile because of the packaging used.

Packaging: 22lbs/carton
DMF #: 6855
Lead time: 6 to 8 weeks

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