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Carolina absorbent cotton!

We work with the best, so we can be the best. With two manufacturing facilities in Charlotte, NC and Reno, NV, Carolina Absorbent Cotton has been the leading supplier of cotton, rayon, and polyester coils for pharmaceutical and vitamin packaging for over 75 years. In addition to coil for healthcare packaging, we also provide products for swab and jewelry industries.

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Our coil is available in 3 fibers

Carolina Absorbent Cotton offers three distinct fibers–cotton, rayon, and polyester–to address a wide variety of market needs for coil.

We are the only vertically-integrated supplier of 100 percent purified cotton for ultimate cleanliness and absorbency, and Carolina Absorbent Cotton also leads the way in production of cellulose rayon for slightly higher moisture levels and man-made polyester coil, for applications where absorbency isn’t a factor.

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    Our cotton coil is composed of 100% purified absorbent cotton. The cotton fibers are selected for cleanliness and are designed to give superior performance.


    Rayon coil is formulated of 100% absorbent rayon fibers


    Polyester coil is a white, odorless, soft, low moisture, resilient material comprised of 100% polyester fibers.