Customer-centric approach

At Carolina Absorbent Cotton, we have achieved our market leadership through a customer-centric approach to innovation.  We have empowered our product development team to meet the personalized needs of customers in every industry we serve. While we always meet the standardized needs of each industry, we believe that specialty projects enable us to grow in our capabilities and be the ideal partner for each customer.

Vertically Integrated

Carolina Absorbent Cotton, the only vertically integrated coil supplier in the United States, is supplied by our parent company, Barnhardt Manufacturing Company. This relationship enables us to maintain complete product control throughout our manufacturing process, following cGMP guidelines. Learn more about our Purified Cotton® at

Multiple Facilities

In today’s fast-paced business environment, we understand the importance of ensuring that our products are readily available. With strategic manufacturing locations in Charlotte, North Carolina and Reno, Nevada, we engineer our fiber products to meet the needs of not only pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals, but also swabs, vaping, and jewelry markets.



Charlotte, NC:

1300 Hawthorne Ln., Charlotte, NC 28205

United States: 006855
Canada: 1996-023
Reno, NV:

4969 Energy Way, Reno, NV 89502
775-856-2444, ext. 3501

United States: 004164

Committed to Excellence

Carolina Absorbent Cotton is committed to excellence. We maintain a FDA-registered facility, and all of our pharmaceutical packaging products meet or exceed US and European Pharmacopoeia (USP/EP) standards. In addition, the fibers we use meet the FDA Code of Federal Regulations for Food Contact. With a fully functional laboratory equipped to perform all necessary USP/EP testing, we lot control and code all Carolina Absorbent Cotton products for full traceability.

A Division of Barnhardt Manufacturing Company

Headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina, Carolina Absorbent Cotton is a division of Barnhardt Manufacturing Company, the industry leader in developing purified cotton for a variety of consumer products. Carolina Absorbent Cotton manufactures cotton, polyester, and rayon coils, serving the pharmaceutical and vitamin industries for more than 75 years.