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When the jewelry industry needed consistent quality and the ability to customize jewelry box inserts with fiber that not only ensures great presentation but accurate brand representation, Carolina Absorbent Cotton answered the call.

For over a decade, Carolina Absorbent Cotton has maintained its leadership in providing fiber for jewelry box inserts. While many customer orders are standardized to a .75 ounce loft, we can customize the size of the inserts to achieve the ideal presentation you need, whether itis for costume jewelry, luxury brands, or custom jewelry.

Every day, Carolina Absorbent Cotton remains committed to first-in-class customer service and innovation centered on the needs of box manufacturers and retailers around the world.

Products provided

Carolina Absorbent Cotton is a leading provider of box inserts for the jewelry industry.  Popularly known as “jewelry box cotton”, these inserts are actually made from polyester for moisture neutrality and protecting the integrity of the contained jewelry. While we address the broad variety of standardized box size, we also enjoy working with jewelry packaging manufacturers to meet their custom needs for cut and loft.

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