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For more than 75 years, Carolina Absorbent Cotton has been the market leader in packaging coils for the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries, providing 100 percent purified cotton, rayon, and polyester fiber coils to meet standardized and custom applications.

Our USP-grade coil is the preferred choice of packaging for high-speed, automated bottle-filling lines, available in standard weights of 9, 12, 16, and 20 grams per yard. We also offer medical balls for kit packs and manual filling. Our packaging foams are available in a variety of densities, colors, and sizes. Cut to order, our foams enable bulk drum packaging for pharmaceutical tablets and capsules and jar and bottle fill for animal health. Carolina Absorbent Cotton’s 100 percent purified cotton and rayon coils are suitable for packaging of both tablets and capsules. When packaging for moisture sensitive products, polyester is generally an ideal choice as it does not introduce or retain moisture from its environment. Whether you have a standardized production or need a custom application, Carolina Absorbent Cotton has the fiber coil that is right for you.

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Carolina Absorbent Cotton offers three distinct fibers--cotton, rayon, and polyester--to address a wide variety of market needs for coil. While many pharmaceutical manufacturers prefer cotton for its absorbency, we also work with nutraceutical companies on rayon applications. When manufacturers need a simple bottle-filler with no moisture-related properties, they select our quality polyester coil.

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Carolina Absorbent Cotton is one of the market leaders in supplying 100 percent purified cotton coil to the pharmaceutical industry. While traditional coil is ideally suited for automated bottle-filling lines, the industry has required different solutions for manual packaging and specialty bottle sizes and shapes. Using pharmaceutical balls, also known as pre-cut coil, is a more manageable solution for non-standardized and small-batch  market applications.

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Carolina Absorbent Cotton is vertically-integrated with sister company NCFI, a manufacturer of market-leading flexible foams for an array of products. We have developed a proprietary flexible foam solution for the pharmaceutical industry, used as a cushion to transport bulk drums of tablets and capsules to pharmaceutical packaging facilities.

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