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Carolina Absorbent Cotton is one of the market leaders in supplying 100 percent purified cotton, rayon, and polyester for specialty swabs used in a variety of clinical applications.

You will find Carolina Absorbent Cotton’s array of fibers used in a range of swab applications from kit packs to surgical swabs.  Our light grain coils ranging from 12 grains up to 5 grams per yard, are perfect for meeting the swab industry’s needs for ultra-light coils powering nuanced, targeted medical applications.

With an enduring commitment to quality and the highest levels of customer service, whether you need standardized products or custom applications, it’s no wonder that Carolina Absorbent Cotton is the fiber provider of choice for the swab industry.

Products Provided

Carolina Absorbent Cotton offers three distinct fibers--cotton, rayon, and polyester--to address a wide variety of market needs for coil. While many pharmaceutical manufacturers prefer cotton for its absorbency, we also work with nutraceutical companies on rayon applications. When manufacturers need a simple bottle-filler with no moisture-related properties, they select our quality polyester coil.

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