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With the rise of e-cigarettes in the last two decades, industry leaders have sought the right materials and mechanisms for delivering consistent, full flavor from the first puff to the last. The vaping industry’s wick provider of choice is Carolina Absorbent Cotton.

Our 100 percent purified cotton delivers a premium flavor experience for vaping, with traditional and organic versions available for wick manufacture. As the wick carries a variety of flavors unique to vaping, fiber selection is critical to achieving a successful customer experience.

For the best in purified cotton optimized for the vaping industry, look no further than Carolina Absorbent Cotton, the leader in manufacturing high-quality, customized coils for more than seven decades. Our commitment to customer-centered innovation has resulted in market leadership for our traditional industries and new sectors such as the growing vaping market.

Products Provided

Carolina Absorbent Cotton leads the way in supplying purified cotton coil for the vaping industry. Manufacturers can achieve a clean, consistent draw every time, with no delay. Our vaping coil, available in natural and organic cotton varieties, has a proprietary finish to promote clean flavor, time after time.

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