Packaging Foam

Carolina Absorbent Cotton, a division of Barnhardt Manufacturing Company, is vertically-integrated with sister company NCFI, a manufacturer of market-leading flexible foams for an array of products that include furniture, bedding, and carpet padding to multiple uses in the marine, medical, and aerospace industries.

Through our partnership with NCFI, we have developed a proprietary flexible foam solution for the pharmaceutical industry, used as a cushion to transport bulk drums of tablets and capsules to pharmaceutical packaging facilities. Additionally, our foam is utilized as an alternative packaging solution in the animal health industry as filler in jars or bottles.


Our polyurethane packaging foam is available in different densities, sizes, and colors. We cut our packaging foam to your unique specifications at the time of order.

Packaging Foam Characteristics:
  • Can be chemically tailored to meet the customer’s requirements
  • Specifications of cushioning properties include the degree of firmness or softness, weight, resilience & durability
  • Density – is the weight of a cubic foot of foam
  • Indentation Force Deflection (IFD) – is the unit of measure that expresses the firmness or softness
  • Resilience – is a measure of liveliness or springiness of foam.

Packaging Foam Details

Color Options
  • White is most common, but also available in red, blue or yellow
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