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Pharmaceutical coil

Our pharmaceutical-grade coil is available in cotton, rayon, and polyester to meet needs for tablet and capsule packaging. At Carolina Absorbent Cotton, we supply a range of gram weights for pharmaceutical-grade coil, as well as routinely meet custom needs for our customers.

DMF Numbers by Facility:
Charlotte – US: 006855 | CAN: 1996-023
Reno – US: 004164


Cotton coil is composed of 100% purified absorbent cotton. The cotton fibers are selected for cleanliness and are designed to give superior performance.

Cotton characteristics:
  • Natural fiber
  • Cuts or tears easily
  • Moisture content is NMT 8%
  • Creates a dry environment inside the bottle
  • Most commonly used in bottling of tablets & capsules
  • Biodegradable
  • Meets USP & CFR Regulations


Rayon coil is formulated of 100% absorbent rayon fibers

  • Man-made fiber (cellulose)
  • Uniform-fiber length
  • Cuts or tears easily
  • Moisture content is NMT 11%
  • Most commonly used in the bottling of tablets
  • Biodegradable
  • Meets USP & CFR regulations


Polyester coil is a white, odorless, soft, low moisture, resilient material comprised of 100% polyester fibers.

  • Man-made fiber & uniform length
  • Cuts or tears easily
  • Moisture content is NMT 1%
  • Most commonly used in bottling of tablets or gel capsules
  • Nonabsorbent – will not introduce or extract moisture from the bottle
  • Nonfluorescent
  • Meets USP & CFR Regulations

Coil details

Standard sizes for packaging
  • 9, 12, 16, 20 grams per yard
  • Custom sizes available from 3.5 grams up to 26 grams per yard
For swab applications
  • Custom sizes are available from 12 grains per year up to 3 grams per yard
Gamma Irradiated Cotton
  • The cotton coil is processed through a gamma irradiation process
    which is guaranteed to leave a total aerobic count in the coil of less
    than 100 cfu/gram. The cotton coil cannot be claimed as sterile
    because of the packaging used.
Packaging specifics for

Usp grade coil

Our coil is packaged in a non-stretch polyethylene bag contained inside a corrugated cardboard carton. Standard packaging carton size by facility as follows:

Charlotte, NC

DMF # - US: 006855 | CAN: 1996-023

  • Cotton18 or 22 lbs/ case
  • Rayon18 or 22 lbs/ case
  • Polyester18 or 22 lbs/ case
Reno, nv

DMF # - US: 004164

  • Cotton20 lbs/ case
  • Rayon20 lbs/ case
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