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Vaping Coil

Our vaping coil optimizes flavor and, is available in conventional and organic cotton varieties.  Carolina Absorbent Cotton is known for having vaping coil, made of the highest-quality, 100 percent purified cotton, that gives a consistent draw every time, with no break-in.


Vaping coil is the wick that wraps around the atomizer coil inside the tank of a vape. The coil will absorb the e-liquid and is then fed to the atomizer coils through this material and evaporates when heated by the battery.

Vaping Coil characteristics:
  • Natural fiber
  • Cuts or tears easily
  • Biodegradable
  • Made in USA

Vaping Coil details

Available in a variety of weights
  • Gram: 4 up to 26 grams per yard (packages 22 lbs per carton)
  • Grain: 12 up to 30 grains per yard (packaged 30 lbs per carton)
Product Options
  • Organic Cotton
  • Conventional Cotton
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