Q. What coil sizes are available?

A. The most common sizes are 9, 12, 16 and 20 grams per yard, but custom sizes from 3.5 grams up to 26 grams per yard are available.


Q. How is coil measured?

A. Coil is measured in grams per yard. For example, 9 gm Coil would be 9 grams per yard.


Q. What is the weight tolerance for coil?

A. The weight tolerance per yard is +/- 15%


Q. What is the weight tolerance for a case?

A. The weight tolerance per case is +/- 10%


Q. What is the U.S Drug Master File Number for Charlotte?

A. United States: 006855
Canada: 1996-023


Q. What is Reno’s Drug Master File Number?

A. United States: 004164


Q. What are the HS Codes for Cotton, Rayon and Polyester coil?

A. Cotton – 5203 00 0000 Rayon – 5601 22 0000 Polyester – 5506 20 0000


Q. Do you carry stock?

A. We manufacture to order, therefore, there is no inventory available.


Q. What is our lead time for standard products (9, 12, 16 and 20 gram Cotton, Rayon or Polyester)?

A. 3 weeks plus transit


Q. What is our lead time for Organic, Gamma Irradiated or Light grain coil products?

A. 4 to 6 weeks plus transit


Q. Do you offer pre-cut coil?

A. We do not offer pre-cut coil but recommend using cotton, rayon or polyester balls for manual filling of bottles.


Q. What gram weight would I need for a particular bottle size and opening?

A. See table below for suggested gram weights.



Q. How much coil is needed to fill 10,000 bottles?

A. See table below for approximate pounds of coil needed to fill 10,000 tablet bottles for a range of gram weights and fiber cuts.